Vastu factors to consider for House Construction in India

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Vastu factors to consider for House Construction in India

Vastu Shastra is the “Spiritual Science of Architecture” followed in India since ancient times. The Vastu practices are thought to remove negative elements from a residence and employ and harness the energies from the five elements of nature upon which Vastu is based. These five elements or Panch Bhutas are Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space.

Vastu governs everything from the beginning of construction to the use of decorative items inside the house. Experts advice in favour of getting a Vastu based soil test also. It is different than the regular soil test and requires a small soil sample.


Equipped with some basic rules, Vastu Shastra aims to balance the right energies in every part of a residence to bring and maintain prosperity and good health. Vastu is the science of living in harmony with the elements of nature. Here we look at some of the significant Vastu factors one should consider for house construction in India.

 1.Main entrance

As per Vastu, the main door has particular importance as all the auspiciousness in the form of various gods like Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Saraswati enter your house. East is considered the best for the entrance door as it’s the sunrise’s direction and removes all evil forces. North and West are thought to bring wealth. A big window can be built to compensate in case the main door has been built in some other direction.

The main entrance must be bigger than all other doors inside the house and should open at least at a 90-degree angle and shouldn’t be obstructed by anything. The main door’s recommended wood is Teak and Sal, though, many other types of woods can be used for the purpose. Also, keep in mind that the main entrance doesn’t face any demolished property.


2.Living Room

The living room is the place where we like to spend most of our time, and so, it’s imperative to design this room properly. This room should be bigger than all the other rooms in the house. The eastern and western doors to the living room are considered the most auspicious. Interior decoration elements like the showcases should be placed in the west or south directions. The T.V set should always be facing the southeast.

Portraits and statues of Gods should take place in the Northeast corner. Light colours like Blue, Yellow, Green, and White should get preference while painting the living room walls. One vital point to keep in mind is that the furniture needs to be either square or rectangular and should never be round, hexagonal, or egg-shaped.


3.Master bedroom and other bedrooms

A bedroom is a place of rest and calm. Positive energy plays a vital role during the time we rest, as this is when our body rejuvenates. Southwest corner is the ideal location for the bedroom. The bedroom Vastu states that neither should the bed be placed between two doors, nor the feet of the person sleeping should face the main door.

The bed can be favourably placed directly under a ceiling fan, given that it doesn’t put the bed in the middle of the room in a floating manner. The southwest corner is considered the best for a good sleep. A few precautions that must be taken care of are:-

    1. The bed shouldn’t be in direct view from the toilet.
    2. The bed shouldn’t reflect in any mirrors.
    3. No edgy or sharp objects should point towards the bed.


Vastu recommends the shape of bedrooms to be square and rectangle. Irregular or L-shaped rooms are considered to bring disharmony. Consider browns and greens to make your bedroom positive and earthy. Consider checking Vastu facts for reliable sources.


The kitchen is designated the southeastern corner of the house by Vastu. Food has both immediate and long term effects on our health. Vastu can ensure the right energy presence in the place where we prepare our food every day. One must be facing the east direction while cooking.

Make sure that the cooking stove or gas is not visible from the outside. Bigger size windows in the kitchen should be on the east side, while the smaller window can take a spot in the south direction. The directions for various kitchen apparatus are as follows:- (a) Refrigerator- Southwest 

    1. Sink- Northeast 
    2. Dishwasher- Northwest
    3. Water dispenser- Northeast
    4. Microwave and exhaust- Southeast

Shades of pink and green are considered the most auspicious for kitchen walls.



Staircases are heavy structures and thus are best located in the direction of negativity, South. It should never be placed at the centre of the house. As per Vastu, the staircase should either rise from north to South or East to West. Remember that the stair’s count should always be an odd number and should never be a number that ends with a zero. There should be doors at both the end parts of the stairs. Damaged staircases should be repaired immediately, and all the stairs should be painted. The staircase should be designed in a way that it can’t be seen by guests.



Vast rules state that bathrooms should be constructed in the northwest or southeast corners of the house. An important point to mention is that the bathroom in no way should be adjacent to the kitchen or the prayer hall.


According to Vastu, apart from these major parts of a residence, other elements need to be planned and kept in mind while constructing. All the water elements like swimming pools, ponds, bore wells, rainwater harvesting setup, etc., should be placed in the property’s northern or northeast corner. Planting trees in every direction is fine except for the northeast. Careful choice of trees can also bring good vibes to the house.


Vastu Shastra has a lot of points that are correct and practical, even according to science. In recent times, Vastu has gained some popularity in the western world also, But it is still a matter of faith. Thus its recommendations are affected heavily by many factors like size/shape and location of the plot and popular local beliefs. People follow variations of Vastu rules at different places, and hence, it’s always advised to contact a good Vastu practitioner before planning the design of your house.

You can After getting an OK from your Vastu guide, discuss your concerns with your architect and interior designer so that they can integrate the Vastu recommendation while following all the latest design trends. And, start your journey toward an auspicious living. 

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