Concrete covering in Construction


Concrete covering in Construction

What is Concrete covering in R.C.C

Concrete covering in the R.C.C. structure (Clear Cover) is the distance between the concrete surface and the nearest steel reinforcement surface.

The covering between the concrete surface and steel reinforcement depends on the concrete grade. The exposure condition based on this structural consultant will specify the covering space for the different structural components.

Concrete Covering


Fig: Beam Cover

Concrete covering Concrete covering

Fig: Beam Cover

Concrete covering

Fig: Column Cover

Concrete covering

Fig: Slab Cover

Concrete covering

Fig: Footing Cover

Fig: Footing Cover

Why and how is it important?

    • If covering concrete is not provided, steel reinforcement will be exposed to moisture in the environment; this exposure leads to rusting or corroding steel reinforcement.

    • Once the corrosion of steel starts it is continuous like a chain reaction, it weakens the entire structural element. Hence it is necessary to provide coverage as per structural design.  

    • By providing cover as per structural design, the structure will function efficiently, thus avoiding premature failure of the structure.

    • The cover also acts as a thermal insulator for the steel reinforcement.

Covering Blocks

The cover block is essentially a spacer used in concreting to lift the reinforcement off the ground to provide the desired cover.

    • A calculated distance is maintained between the rebar and the shuttering.

    • A single covering concrete block can get three different spacing ranges from 20mm to 60 mm.

    • Cover block takes live load during the concrete and remains intact.

    • Achieve uniform spacing throughout the concrete member.

    • Reinforcement bar is provided with adequate embedding enabling them to be stressed without slipping.

Two type of cover blocks:

    • Concrete cover blocks

Concrete covering

Fig: Concrete covering blocks

    • PVC cover blocks

Concrete covering

Fig: PVC covering blocks

SpecificationsConcrete Cover BlocksPVC Cover Blocks
CompatibilityIt is in harmony with concrete which result in good bonding between concrete and covering blocksIt is a foreign body within concrete which results in improper bonding.
Fire resistanceYesNo
AvailabilityAdequately available in marketAvailable in market
CostAverage rate of 1.7Rs per pieceAverage rate of 1.2Rs per piece



Concrete covering process is to ensure that there is no erosion after reinforcement of cement concrete. It is important to perform the process as it is prone to fire and corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, to avoid cracks in the hardened R.C.C., covering is performed.  Covering is done for all the building elements where reinforcement is used. Therefore it is an important process to the foundation of a building.

Therefore, the right and complete procedure is taken care of by Samruddhi. Learn about the unique approach that is followed at Samruddhi that ensures the best foundation for your dream building.

Concrete covering in Construction


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